1. How do I get started in beekeeping?


The best way to get involved with bees and beekeeping is through your local beekeepers' association. You can find out about bees, get to wear the suits and even handle some bees before you take the plunge, spend money on hives and equipment and set up your own colony. You can find out if beekeeping really is for you and what's really involved and you'll get invaluable support and advice from other members.


Our Taster Day course is designed for people who are not sure if they are ready to commit just yet to a full beekeeping course or who are just curious to know more.


Alternatively, if you live in the Lampeter area, you may be interested in attending our next Beginners' Course


You will find details of beekeepers' associations in other areas of Wales via the Welsh Beekeepers' Association website and in England via the British Beekeepers' Association website.  

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