Beginner's Course

This comprehensive course consists of five theory classes held from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoons from late April onwards each year. After the theory classes finish, all beginners are welcome to attend the open sessions held at the Association's apiary on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer to observe and assist our experienced Apiary Management Team.

The cost for the full course is £75 per person or £130 per couple, payable in advance or on the day of the first theory class. Your first year's membership of our Association is included in this fee – see the Join Us pages for information on the benefits of membership.

The topics covered in the classes are:



CLASS 1                    14th APRIL               Mike Davies    +TBC                   Lesson Plan 1

  1. Life in the bee hive

  2. Understanding the life of the colony

  3. Queen, workers and Drones

  4. Life Cycles and Colony Development

  5. The annual cycle of the colony

  6. Communication and control in the beehive 


CLASS 2                    28th April                    Richard Brambury  Mike Davies  Lesson Plan 

  1. The Beekeepers Year

  2. Seasonal Management and activities

  3. The five questions

  4. Siting Apiaries

  5. Records

  6. Handling technique 


CLASS 3                    12th May                     Gordon Lumby & Les Dilloway    Lesson Plan 

  1. Getting down to basics                                             

  2. Equipment

  3. History of hives, bees and mankind

  4. What it looks like, what you need and what you do not

  5. Buying bees and equipment

  6. Making frames


CLASS 4                    19th MAY                              

Swarming                                               Gordon Lumby, Les Dilloway,     

Lesson Plan 

  1. Planning for swarms                                       Mike Davies

  2. Simple Biology

  3. Collecting swarms



CLASS 5                    2nd JUNE                   Mike Davies

Things that can go wrong

  1. Diseases

  2. Other problems, stings and first aid

CLASS 6                   9th JUNE                      Apiary Team

  1. Practical Apiary Session

  2. Opening the hive, handling techniques


CLASS 7       TBC          

  1. Honey Extraction

  2. PLUS All beginners are welcome to attend the weekly sessions at the Association Apiary from the end of the theory classes and throughout the summer

Click here for directions to the Millennium Hall in Cellan where the courses are held.

All members of our Association are welcome to attend individual course classes as refresher sessions – we charge £10 per class, although members who attended the full Beginners' Course the previous year are invited to attend all or any classes in the following year for free.

See Events for dates of the classes on the 2019 Beginners' Course.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending our Beginners' Course in 2019.

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