Dates for Beginner's Course 2019


14th, 28th April,


12, 19th May,


2nd June.

Sessions from Sunday 14th April to 19th May will be held at Cellan Millennium Hall.

Session on 9th June will be held at the Apiary.

This year's program.

Week 1: 14th April 2019

Life in the beehive

Understanding the life of the colony

Queen, workers and Drones

Life Cycles and Colony development

The annual cycle of the colony

Communication and control in the beehive

Week 2: 28th April 2019

The Beekeeper's Year

Seasonal Management and Activities

The five Questions

Siting Apiaries


Handling Techniques

Week 3: 12th May 2019

Getting down to Basics


History of hives, bees and mankind

What it looks like, what you need and what you don't

Buying bees and Equipment

Making frames

Week 4: 19th May 2019


Planning for Swarms

Simple Biology

Collecting Swarms

Week 5: 2nd June 2019

Things that can go wrong


Other problems, stings and first aid.

Week 6: 9th June 2019

Apiary Session 


Week 7: Date to be advised

Honey extraction


Practical Sessions at the Apiary from the end of June to September


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