Information Guides



We shall be producing on these pages helpful beekeeping guides. Some are reproduced from other sources and others will be original work from our own contributors. The list will grow over time. When using these guides, remember that in beekeeping nothing is ever "black or white". Beekeepers will have their own preferred methods depending upon their circumstances and resources. It's up to you to "cherry pick" ideas and methods to see what works best for you. 


Info Guide 1 - Artificial Swarm Control.                                 Welsh Edition


Info Guide 2 - Sterilising Hives.


Info Guide 3 - Queen Mating with Mini Nucs.

Info Guide 4 - Moving Colonies.

Info Guide 5 - Become a Beekeeper.

Info Guide 6 - Make space for Bees.

Info Guide 7 - Garden Plants for Bees.

Info Guide 8 - Bees are fantastic (for Children).


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