Seasonal Notes

March 2019


The bees have been very active in the recent spell of unseasonably warm weather we have all enjoyed and judging by the amount of pollen being taken into the hives the queens are laying in earnest.
All good news but be aware that with lots of young mouths to feed and winter stores coming to an end this makes March a very risky time for starvation.

A couple of weeks of cold/wet weather could be fatal for the bees so check your hives for stores. A quick peek under the crown board to check stores won’t harm the bees.
If in doubt add bakers fondant directly over the cluster or if the weather is warmer and the bees out of cluster a few pints of 1:1 syrup will see them through to Spring proper.

Don’t overfeed otherwise the brood nest will become “honey blocked” with no where left for the queen to lay.

Hopefully see you all at the AGM on the 12th March

Best Wishes

Mike Davies (Chairman)

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